High Heels vs. Flats: Choosing the Right Shoes for Bridesmaid Dresses

The choice between high heels and flats for bridesmaids is a crucial decision in wedding planning, impacting both the style and comfort of the bridal party. This decision often hinges on various factors such as the wedding's formality, the bridesmaids' comfort levels, and the overall aesthetic of the bridesmaid dresses. This article will explore the considerations involved in choosing between high heels and flats for bridesmaids, ensuring that their footwear complements the plus size bridesmaid dresses while keeping comfort and practicality in mind.

1. Considering the Wedding's Formality and Venue

The formality of the wedding plays a significant role in choosing footwear. High heels are traditionally associated with more formal weddings and can add an element of elegance and sophistication to bridesmaid dresses. In contrast, flats are often preferred for casual or outdoor weddings, where comfort and ease of movement are priorities. The venue also plays a role; for instance, heels may be impractical for beach weddings or venues with uneven surfaces.

2. Matching the Style and Length of Bridesmaid Dresses

The style and length of the bridesmaid dresses can influence the choice of shoes. Long bridesmaid dresses might allow for more flexibility in footwear choice since the shoes are less visible. Flats or comfortable heels can work well in this scenario. With shorter bridesmaid dresses, shoes become a prominent part of the ensemble, and the choice between heels and flats can significantly affect the overall look.

3. Comfort and Wearability

Comfort is paramount, especially since bridesmaids will be on their feet for extended periods. Some bridesmaids may prefer flats for comfort and stability, especially if they are not accustomed to wearing heels. Others may opt for heels for added height and posture. It’s important to consider the individual comfort levels and preferences of each bridesmaid.

4. Personal Style and Preferences of Bridesmaids

Each bridesmaid’s personal style and preference should be taken into account. While some may feel more confident and stylish in heels, others may prefer the comfort and simplicity of flats. Allowing bridesmaids to choose their footwear within a certain guideline (such as color or style) can ensure that they feel comfortable and confident in their choice.

5. Height Considerations

Heels can add height, which might be a consideration for bridal party photos and uniformity. However, this should be balanced with the comfort and the natural heights of the bridesmaids. In some cases, a compromise with kitten heels or low-heeled shoes might be the best solution.

6. Seasonal and Weather Factors

The season and expected weather conditions can also dictate the choice between heels and flats. For instance, flats might be more appropriate for a summer garden wedding, while closed-toe heels could be more suitable for a winter indoor event.

7. Durability and Quality of Footwear

Regardless of whether you choose heels or flats, the quality and durability of the footwear are important. High-quality shoes that provide good support and can withstand a day of wear are essential. This is particularly important if the bridesmaids are expected to move around or stand for long periods.

8. Opportunity for a Change of Shoes

Some bridesmaids may choose to wear heels for the ceremony and photographs but switch to flats for the reception and dancing. This flexibility allows them to enjoy the elegance of heels and the comfort of flats at different stages of the event.

9. Coordination with Other Accessories

The shoes, whether heels or flats, should be in harmony with other accessories such as jewelry, hairpieces, and bouquets. This coordination ensures a cohesive and polished look with the bridesmaid dresses.


The decision between high heels and flats for bridesmaids requires careful consideration of various factors, including the wedding's formality, the bridesmaids' comfort, the style of the bridesmaid dresses, and practicality. By balancing these aspects and considering the preferences and needs of the bridesmaids, you can choose footwear that complements the bridesmaid dresses beautifully and contributes to a memorable and comfortable experience for the bridal party.

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