Why do we need the event date?

Event date is the accurate date when you wear the dress, e.g. wedding date, prom date, party date, etc.

An accurate event date can help us process your order properly.

Case Example:

Suppose that it is Jan 10 today and you tell us Jan 18 as your event date while your actual one is Jan 22, because you think it may ship much faster with an earlier date.

But actually it will do the negative action. Because we will hold your order and email you to confirm the date again to avoid delivery exception, which takes a few days. If you fail to response in deadline time, your order will be canceled. So actually it doesn't expedite the shipping time with an earlier date.

In this example, if you tell us the correct date, we may not contact you and process your order directly. And you will receive on time. Even if we refuse your order after getting your actual date, you still have enough time to buy at a local shop as well. This saves time and does benefits to both of us.

The accurate event date can help us save the handling time and decrease the confirmation procedure.

We are a trust-able legit online store. To make sure that our customers receive dresses on time is very important. So we will email customers if it has delivery delay risk.

We recommend you to buy at least 3-4 weeks in advance in case of delivery exception or alterations.