What Makes a Good Bridal Bouquet?

A bridal bouquet is an essential part of a bride’s wedding day look. It is a symbol of love, beauty, and happiness. Choosing the right bouquet can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that it complements the bride’s dress and overall style. Here are some factors that make a good bridal bouquet.


The color of the bouquet should complement the bride’s dress and the wedding theme. The bouquet can be a single color or a combination of colors. The colors should be harmonious and not clash with each other.


The size of the bouquet should be proportionate to the bride’s body size and the dress. A small bouquet can get lost in a big dress, while a large bouquet can overwhelm a petite bride. The bouquet should also be comfortable to hold and not too heavy.


The shape of the bouquet should complement the bride’s body shape and the dress. A round bouquet is classic and suits most dresses, while a cascading bouquet is more dramatic and suits a more formal dress. A hand-tied bouquet is more relaxed and suits a bohemian or rustic wedding.


The flowers in the bouquet should be fresh, in season, and of good quality. The flowers should also be meaningful to the bride, such as her favorite flowers or the flowers that represent her heritage. The bouquet can be made up of a single type of flower or a combination of flowers.


Greenery can add texture and depth to the bouquet. It can also complement the flowers and the wedding theme. The greenery can be simple, such as eucalyptus or ferns, or more elaborate, such as ivy or succulents.

In general, most brides choose a round or cascading bouquet made up of roses, peonies, or hydrangeas. These flowers are classic, romantic, and versatile. However, some brides prefer a more unique bouquet made up of wildflowers, succulents, or even feathers.

In conclusion, a good bridal bouquet should be a reflection of the bride’s personality, style, and wedding theme. It should be comfortable to hold, complement the dress, and be made up of fresh, in-season flowers and greenery. At Lavetir, we understand the importance of a good bridal bouquet and are committed to helping you create the perfect one for your special day.

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