Selecting Colors and Patterns That Complement Plus-Size Bridesmaids and the Overall Wedding Theme

Selecting bridesmaid dresses that match your overall wedding theme are an integral component of wedding planning. When making this important decision, colors and patterns must both enhance it while complementing all body types in your bridal party, such as those wearing long or plus size bridesmaid dresses. In this article we'll look at strategies for brides to make thoughtful yet inclusive decisions when selecting their dresses.

Consider Your Wedding Palette:

When selecting bridesmaid dresses, it is crucial that they complement the color palette of the event. Opt for hues that work in harmony with its overall hue for an appealing ensemble.

Versatility of Neutrals:

Neutral hues such as blush, champagne or navy can be an extremely versatile selection when selecting wedding hues. They work well with different skin tones and can easily fit into various wedding themes and decor elements seamlessly.

Jewel Tones to Empower Bridesmaids:

Rich jewel-toned colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue or deep burgundy exude elegance and can make plus-size bridesmaids stand out. These shades are universally flattering and promote confidence.

Pattern Play:

Integrating subtle patterns or textures into bridesmaid dresses can add depth and visual interest, such as delicate lace overlays or subtle floral prints for an unexpected twist to their attire.

Fabric Is Key:

Pay close attention to the fabric used when selecting long bridesmaid dresses. Chiffon or silk offer both comfort and an effortlessly graceful appearance, providing an ideal combination.

Encourage Monochromatic Schemes:

Opting for dresses that differ slightly in terms of their color can produce an eye-catching visual impact and will look especially flattering when worn by bridesmaids with differing body types.

Try Ombre Effects:

A striking yet timeless bridal party look may include the use of an ombre effect - whereby colors gradually transition from light to dark over time - as an eye-catching accent color.

Add Accents:

Bring out each bridesmaid's individuality by including accessories that reflect her character - whether that means jewelry, sashes or hairpieces that coordinate with the overall color scheme.

Consult With Bridesmaids:

Communication between you and your bridesmaids is of the utmost importance when selecting their attire. Consider their input when narrowing down color and pattern options to ensure everyone feels valued and comfortable in their choice. This collaborative effort ensures everyone feels appreciated and secure in their attire selection.

Fittings and Alterations:

When searching for bridesmaid dresses plus size, remember that proper fittings and potential alterations are paramount to ensure a successful event. A well-fitted dress builds confidence while creating comfort throughout celebration.


Selecting colors and patterns for bridesmaid dresses is an integral component of wedding planning. When accommodating plus-size bridesmaids or those wearing long bridesmaid dresses, thoughtful consideration must be taken when it comes to color, pattern, fabric choice. By prioritizing inclusivity and open communication on this front, brides can build an aesthetically pleasing bridal party that exudes confidence on the big day.

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