Create Contrast: Master the Art of Differentiating Bridesmaid Dresses from Bridal Gown

One key element of wedding planning involves carefully considering the attire of the bridal party. While most attention will likely focus on the bride and her gown, we must also explore whether there are instances when bridesmaid dresses intentionally contrast with each other to create visual interest and harmony within an ensemble of bridal party members. We will explore this decision further here by focusing on creating contrast for maximum effect while creating visually striking ensembles of bridal party members.

Harmony in Style:

Weddings are celebrations of love and unity, with attire of the bridal party playing an important role in reflecting these two elements. Bridesmaid dresses should generally complement the gown in terms of color, style or theme; however, sometimes adding contrast can heighten overall aesthetic.

Contrast of Color Palette:

Selecting bridesmaid dresses that contrast with the bridal gown's color can be an exciting and strategic design decision. For instance, if the bride opts for an elegant white gown, choosing bridesmaid dresses with distinct hues such as navy blue or blush pink can create an eye-catching contrast that allows each member of the bridal party to stand out and creates depth to the overall look.

Distinctive Design Elements:

Alongside color, adding distinct design elements can add visual interest while still creating an overall cohesive ensemble. Varying necklines, skirt lengths or embellishments can help create visually dynamic ensembles while maintaining coherence throughout.

Highlight the Bride:

When creating contrast, emphasizing the centrality of the bride can be key to striking a striking visual contrast. Bridesmaid dresses that subtly echo elements from her bridal gown such as fabric type or features can help create an appealing ensemble while drawing attention directly towards her.

Setting the Tone:

Contrasting elements must reflect the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding. Subtle contrasts may work better for formal, elegant events while bolder distinctions could suit more festive celebrations.

Photographic Impact:

Care must also be given to the visual impact of wedding photographs. Strategic contrast between bridesmaid dresses can create striking images that highlight both cohesive and diverse bridal party ensembles in front of a beautiful bride.


Within wedding fashion, choosing whether lavetir dresses should contrast or complement with the bridal gown depends on various factors, including personal style, theme and visual effect desired. When considering bridesmaid dresses for your big day, keep this art of creating contrast in mind to bring life and character to your ensemble and elevate its impactful presence on your big day!

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