Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding Theme

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses Guide

Did you know that Lavetir has bridesmaid dresses in 101 styles in over 50 unique, trending colors? If statistics isn't your subject, we'll break that down for you: we offer tens of thousands of possible dress and color combinations!

If you have a vision for your wedding, there is almost definitely a dress that perfectly coordinates with your most romantic plans—including a few combos beyond even your wildest dreams!

When the options seem infinite, how do you choose a single dress for your beautiful bridesmaids? We recommend using your wedding theme as inspiration for choosing your perfect look.

The right color and style combination can go a long way toward creating a polished, cohesive wedding aesthetic, whether you're planning a shabby chic rustic affair or a sparkling reception fit for royalty. We've created this guide to help you use your theme as a foundation when making difficult decisions about dress colors and styles.

Continue reading to learn how everything from flowers to your wedding location can make choosing plus size bridesmaid dresses a snap.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Wedding colors and wedding themes often go hand-in-hand. The details behind your planning often reveal a subconscious theme and help simplify decision-making. The following tips will help you chip away at your choices to find the most logical color palette.

Start With the Season

Often, the first step in wedding planning is choosing your wedding date. Allow your wedding season to help you select a temperature for your color palette.

Professional designers usually break hues down into summers and winters. Summer hues tend to be lighter and brighter, while winter colors are deep and bold. Intermediate autumn and spring hues typically fall somewhere in between, leaning more toward pastels or jewel tones.

Starting with the season or color temperature can cut your options in half, making it much easier to narrow down your favorites.

Plus, the season can sometimes dictate a concrete theme. Autumn brides might plan a Halloween-themed wedding and put their bridesmaids in black or burnt orange. A summer bride might choose a tropical theme featuring yellow, hot pink, or turquoise.

Consider the Mood

Another major step in uncovering your wedding theme is determining the overall mood for the event. Do you intend your wedding to be elegant, laid-back, or somewhere in between? Will the bride wear Converse sneakers or glittering heels?

A more elegant affair might call for a muted or neutral color scheme. A quirky, laid-back wedding might have room for some bright pops of color. Some of our favorite wedding palettes evoke drama through intense jewel tones.

Start with one color evocative of your wedding's overall mood and build a palette around it.

Look to Your Venue

Your wedding venue will appear in the background of every photo you take on your wedding day. Ensure your dusty rose bridesmaid dresses don't clash with the environment. Take note of the unique colors and hues at the location and choose the fabric that harmonizes with what you see.

Don't forget natural details like grass. An outdoor wedding near a verdant field will add a lot of green to your color scheme, whether you like it or not! Reds may be romantic, but you might want to save them for winter weddings to avoid accidentally evoking Christmas.

Likewise, consider the neutrals present at your venue. Buildings, mountains, roofing, and pavement can help you narrow down your options.

Find a Favorite Flower

Sometimes the best wedding theme begins at the florist's shop. Flowers are a staple at nearly every wedding, from centerpieces to your bouquet. Since your bouquet will be a prop in many wedding pictures, use it to inspire the colors your bridesmaids will wear.

You're on the right track if you already have a favorite flower. You can order many popular flowers in unique colors from specialty greenhouses. Research the available color options to narrow down your choices.

If you don't have a favorite flower yet, ask your florist for a catalog. You might discover a beautiful bloom or unique botanical color that you've never seen before. Catalogs also feature plenty of inspiration for arrangements, which is helpful during the planning process.

Other Tips For Choosing the Perfect Dresses

Sometimes you can't settle on a color scheme or theme until you've seen all the colors together. Many online tools can help you decide on a palette, including swapping colors in and out to note subtle differences in tone or mood. You might consider creating a Pinterest board to help you visualize the final effect.

Here are other ways you can help make final decisions about the right dresses for your theme.

Request Fabric Swatches

Lavetir offers every bride three free fabric swatches so they can see the true color of each of our fabrics. You can order additional swatches for a small fee, allowing you to mix and match, compare similar hues, and settle on your final choice or combination.

Likewise, colors sometimes look different in different fabric styles. You can request tulle, satin, chiffon, organza, and lining swatches, which can help you narrow down dress styles.

Consider Multiple Colors and Styles

Traditionally, brides dress their bridesmaids in identical bridesmaid dresses. If your bridesmaids aren't identical, why should they all be stuck in the same style? If uniformity isn't your priority, you can allow your wedding party to choose the dresses that look best on their unique body types.

If you choose to allow bridesmaids to pick their style, we advise selecting a uniform color. With Lavetir, most of our dresses are available in one of our 50+ trending colors. Everyone will feel their best while rocking our most popular hues, like sage or dusty rose.

On the contrary, you might dress your bridesmaids in the same style but vary the colors. Consider offering bridesmaids a choice of all the colors in your palette. Your pictures will look stunning when you arrange your bridesmaids in patterns.

The Ideal Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Theme

After choosing a venue, flowers, favors, and a wedding dress, most brides develop decision paralysis. If choosing bridesmaid dresses is stressing you out, take a deep breath and start with the decisions you've already made. Your wedding theme can help make selecting the perfect attire for your fabulous wedding party easier than ever.

If you can dream it, Lavetir can make it a reality. With 101 dress styles in over 50 colors, there's a dress for every wedding theme you can imagine. Browse our collection and request your three free color swatches today.

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